Create stunning and fully customizable AI QR codes,
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ImagineQr's flexible, user-friendly, and AI-powered design opens up endless opportunities. As a result, people use QR codes that are changing all the time. Today, more and more companies and individuals adopt this technology. ImagineQr streamlines AI processes and enhances the user experience to the next level.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

You can easily create visually appealing and adaptable QR codes. With us, you are able to generate a QR code for virtually anything, including websites, business cards, and more.

Let our templates inspire you

Perhaps you don't have anything specific in mind. If so, you can explore our templates and spark your inspiration. You are free to make use of any of the various templates that we provide to our clients.

Save Your QR Codes

After being generated, every QR code that you have created is saved in your account. Because they will always be accessible, and you can re-download them at your convenience. The sky is the limit!

Why Choose ImagineQr?

The advantages of using our AI-generated QR codes are unrivaled in the QR technology industry.
  • Our QR codes become interactive and responsive to individual users' tastes and needs.
  • Companies can improve the efficacy of their marketing by providing customers with personalized offers, timely information, and exciting opportunities to participate in brand campaigns.
  • ImagineQr's AI-generated QR codes allow you to reach your target audience in a whole new way.
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Simple and intuitive

ImagineQr's user interface allows you to create impressive-looking and fully-functioning QR codes. Moreover, the focus of our company is aimed at enhancing the user experience, while making AI technology more accessible to everyone.

Example of saved Ai Qrs

Easy Access to Your Works of Art

At ImagineQr’s Dashboard, you are able to view all of your AI-generated QR codes. Rest easy knowing that your work of art is safe.

Example of saved Ai Qrs
How ImagineQr Works?
  • Head over to the Create page.
  • Fill in the website field that you wish your QR code to redirect any scanning device to. Whether it’s your social media profile, your personal or business website, a link to a meme, or even a photo of your cat, we can do it.
  • Using the correct prompts is very important! This is where things get really fun. No matter if you want to generate a QR code of a cow riding a motorbike while playing piano, or a QR of a pink sunflower flying in an open space, ImagineQr can easily handle your requests!
  • ImagineQr also has the Negative Prompt field, and we're here to explain how it works. The function can be used to reduce or eliminate the possibility of content being generated. For instance, if you want to lower the chances of generating QR codes with pictures of dogs, you can use this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about how ImagineQr works? If so, you may read our FAQ section down below.

How does AI improve the making of QR codes?

With the use of AI, we can now generate QR codes that are uniquely tailored to any use user, brand or use case.

What devices can scan these QR codes?

Most modern smartphones can. For example iPhones work great! AI QR code generation is the current state of the art. As anything bleeding edge, it takes time for all cell phone manufacturers to inevitably catch up.

How can I improve the readability of my QR code?

Improving the readability of a QR code can be doing the following:

  • Reduce the number of characters in your data field. For best results you can try to keep the data between 10 and 30 characters
  • Try to use words that would create a good contrast. For example a"White Sheep in Space" would have better contrast than a "Black Sheep At Night"
  • Restructure your prompt to be more concise
  • Play around with the generator. Don't be afraid to crack some eggs to make the omlet. After several QR codes behind your back you will get a better feel of how our AI transforms your words into QR codes.
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